Unexpected Opportunities

The value of patents, both real and perceived, varies widely from portfolio to portfolio and situation to situation. After 25 years in IP consulting, TAEUS has had the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of intellectual property matters across many industries. The needs of patent owners are diverse based upon the specific goal at hand.

Over the last several years the landscape has been in a state of constant flux. With the changes facing the industry analysis techniques have changed, licensing and enforcement activities have changed and patent brokerage has changed. The need to determine the value of patents, patent portfolios, and other forms of intellectual property has become increasingly more important. Major companies have profit and loss obligations relating to intellectual property assets. Individual inventors are having a harder time making money from their patents. IP consulting companies like TAEUS are charged with the task of keeping up with the changing landscape so that we can help our clients meet their goals.

Recently TAEUS has been approached on two different patent valuation matters for reasons that we had never considered. The value of intellectual property has been a critical consideration for all companies from start-up to Fortune 100 for many years. Now it has become clear that the need to understand the value of IP extends far beyond the board room. We have now seen IP value being considered in determining employee contribution and in asset valuation in individual civil matters. In two recent scenarios, TAEUS was asked to provide different levels of patent valuation for what we would consider a “non-standard” scenario. The clients required custom solutions to fit both their goals and available budgets. The most important lesson learned is that there is no “one-size fits all” approach to any part of IP consulting, especially in patent valuation.

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Written by: Ryan Likness