Time To Get Your Patents Into PatentBooks

It’s high time we fixed patent licensing in the United States of America, setting the example for the rest of the world.

Patent rights are the most fundamental property rights in society. One must be able to own and profit from one’s own ideas. Obtaining a patent is both challenging and expensive. When one finally obtains a patent, that patent must be honored. Patent rights are currently not being honored, because the complexity of today’s product and services bury massive volumes of inventions inside, to make the user interface simple and easy. Discovering and proving a patent’s use is prohibitively expensive. The cost of negotiating patent licenses is also prohibitively expensive. Consequently, patent licensing becomes the “Sport of Kings” due to the extraordinarily high cost of patent licensing transactions.

The transaction costs must be reduced, and the complexity of today’s commercially successful product and services must be acknowledged and the patent licensing process simplified.

Patent owners must get paid when others use their patents.

Patent users must have a simple way to pay for their use of other’s patents.

We created the solution for today, improving upon the very successful Sewing Machine Combination of 1856. Our solution is so simple and so big, that most of the major corporations around the world, such as Apple, Google, Samsung, and many others simply said it was too big for them to lead with their participation. They all wanted to be the “first second.”

PatentBooks Inc. is pleased to announce its first openings for you patent owners who would like to receive income from your patents without relinquishing any patent ownership rights or subjecting yourselves to the risk and extreme expense of patent litigation.

Our first six PatentBooks are in:

  • Geolocation & Autonomy (G&A)
  • Cloud Computing (CC)
  • Biometric Identification (BID)
  • Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD)
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
  • Online Restaurant Ordering (ORO)

You, as a patent owner, can Publish your patents to these PatentBooks simply and easily, at no cost whatsoever, following these simple steps.

  1. Identify patents that fit one or more of these broad technology areas above,
  2. Verify themselves as legitimate owners of the identified patents,
  3. Provide the patent numbers and appropriate PatentBooks
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions of the PatentBook Publisher Agreement.
  5. Send us the patent numbers, your identification, and what bank account you would like us to deposit your quarterly payments, and
  6. Tell your patent-owning colleagues to publish their patents to PatentBooks.

Remember, you publish your patents for FREE, and you are guaranteed to get a check, either small, medium or large.  You give up nothing, still own your patents, and get a quarterly check! Compare PatentBooks to Google’s LOT (License on Transfer) where you give away patents rights for no return, or RPX where you sell your patent entirely, or any other contingency fee litigation program that sucks you into court for years at least, and where your patent may not even survive as it is crucified by the puppet company Unified Patents via inter partes review and the Patent Trial & Appeal Board, aka “The Patent Death Squad.”

As we build each of these PatentBooks with patents owned by individual inventors, small and medium-sized enterprises, and universities, each PatentBook will reach a critical mass that will be too large for the new NPEs (Non-PAYING Entities) to ignore. This may take a while, but it can move far more quickly if you help spread the word.

The new NPEs/megalomaniacs have rigged the well-known patent litigation route in their favor. It’s time to change not the rules but change the game. Radically.

PatentBooks will present each of the above PatentBooks, containing tens of thousands of patents, for a single license rate per unit of consumption, to all who use patents owned by others. Each PatentBook will distribute income to you, as patent owners, based on the quality of your patents. Go to PatentBooksInc.com/evaluation-criteria/ to learn the TAEUSworks patent evaluation criteria to determine if your patents belong in one of the top two tiers.

Once you have cash flow from your patents, you can use those patents as collateral for bank financing, and maybe not have to give up further equity to get more operating capital. The European Commission, the European Investment Bank, Singapore IPOS and EDB, and other world governments and banks have lots of money available for financing, using IP assets as collateral, once the value of those assets is established. What better way to do this than PatentBooks?

Get started now! Go to PatentBooksInc.com to learn more, and get your patents published into one of the world’s first six PatentBooks.