TAEUSworks™ Valuation

TAEUSworks™ Market Validation

TAEUSworks™ was used to evaluate patents that were sold at five Ocean Tomo live intellectual patent auctions. At an auction in  2008, almost $12,000,000 worth of patents changed hands. The patents were separated into 107 lots, of which 67% sold. TAEUSworks™ was used in a blind evaluation of a subset of the patents that sold.

The auction prices paid were then compared to the average of the scores across eight TAEUSworks™ criteria to determine the correlation between the TAEUSworks™ average score and the final sale price for the relevant patent/lot. The graphical results of the analysis are shown in the figure below.

A linear regression analysis of the TAEUSworks™ average scores versus the associated sale prices at the auctions produced a p-value of 0.00001528 and a t-stat of 4.425. These values indicate that the average score determined by TAEUSworks™ is an effective predictor of the market value of patents.