Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

By Solange Nutter | Jul 19, 2022 | Comments Off on Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

TAEUS Corporation is the world’s first engineering company dedicated to patent licensing, formed originally in July 1992. TAEUS grew organically, helping AT&T identify the best patents obtained in its 1992 NCR purchase. TAEUS served not only AT&T, but all its daughter companies, including Lucent, Avaya, and LSI, for the next two decades. In 1994, TAEUS…

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Global Footprint

By Solange Nutter | Jul 19, 2022 | Comments Off on Global Footprint

TAEUS opened TAEUS Europe, Ltd., its first international subsidiary, in 1996 in London, investigating Microsoft for antitrust on behalf of the European Commission, illustrating how the instructions Microsoft provided to users did not reflect how the Windows® operating system and Internet Explorer® actually worked. The European Commission’s €9M contract with TAEUS Europe, Ltd. yielded a…

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COVID-19 Effects on TAEUS

By Solange Nutter | Jul 19, 2022 | Comments Off on COVID-19 Effects on TAEUS

The entire world, including TAEUS, was affected by the onset of COVID-19 in various ways that differ from one company to another. Many companies had to adapt to working remotely. TAEUS has been working remotely as a specialized team since its founding in 1992! This advantage allowed TAEUS to continue working while other companies had…

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Market Changes

By Solange Nutter | Jul 19, 2022 | Comments Off on Market Changes

Many patent owners resort to patent brokerage services because they either don’t utilize their patents, or they lack the financial resources to litigate. TAEUS Corporation has helped patent owners monetize their patents since 1992. The patent sale market has gone dry recently. In 2020, the actual patent sales by market year of sale dropped to…

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TAEUS War Stories: EC vs. Microsoft

By Art Nutter | Jan 15, 2019 | Comments Off on TAEUS War Stories: EC vs. Microsoft

Some years ago, TAEUS Europe Ltd. won a €9 million European Commission (EC) competitive tender for assistance with their antitrust investigation of Microsoft. The EC was responding to complaints from Microsoft competitors that believed that Microsoft was blocking them from making products compatible with its Internet Explorer™ internet browser and Microsoft Windows™ operating system.  …

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Revolutionizing Patent Licensing

By Anastasia Martin-Wegryn | Jul 31, 2018 | Comments Off on Revolutionizing Patent Licensing

Since the very first patent was issued in the 14th century, intellectual property and intellectual property protection practices are still very relevant in today’s world, despite significant changes. New inventions and innovations are critical to societal progress, for without them, society would become stagnant and forward progression would cease. TAEUS is committed to adapting to…

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PatentBooks, Inc. Roundtable Press Release

By Anastasia Martin-Wegryn | Jun 6, 2018 | Comments Off on PatentBooks, Inc. Roundtable Press Release

For Immediate Release June 4, 2018 Colorado Springs, Colorado   PatentBooks Inc. (patentbooksinc.com) is pleased to announce an invitation-only Early Adopter Roundtable for the Geolocation & Autonomy PatentBook occurring on-line June 14, 2018 @ 0800 Mountain Daylight Time (MDT=GMT-7), 10 AM EDT.   The Early Adopter Roundtable invitation is extended to the world’s top companies that own US patents and/or…

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TAEUS War Stories: The “Art” of Searching for Prior Art

By Anastasia Martin-Wegryn | Jan 30, 2018 | Comments Off on TAEUS War Stories: The “Art” of Searching for Prior Art

Prior art searching is often times a dull, uninteresting affair that is done on a computer searching electronic records.  Electronic database searching has its place but it often times does not yield the information needed to invalidate a patent.  Here is a true story about a prior art search TAEUS did to invalidate a Japanese…

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Time To Get Your Patents Into PatentBooks

By Anastasia Martin-Wegryn | Nov 17, 2017 | Comments Off on Time To Get Your Patents Into PatentBooks

It’s high time we fixed patent licensing in the United States of America, setting the example for the rest of the world. Patent rights are the most fundamental property rights in society. One must be able to own and profit from one’s own ideas. Obtaining a patent is both challenging and expensive. When one finally…

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Out of Focus

By Anastasia Martin-Wegryn | Nov 14, 2017 | Comments Off on Out of Focus

I have productive and enlightening conversations with other IP practitioners every day. The tone of many conversations is one of general dissatisfaction with the state of our industry. There is often a feeling of “how did we get here?” or “where is all the business?” I started asking a different question of nearly everyone I…

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