Revolutionizing Patent Licensing

Since the very first patent was issued in the 14th century, intellectual property and intellectual property protection practices are still very relevant in today’s world, despite significant changes. New inventions and innovations are critical to societal progress, for without them, society would become stagnant and forward progression would cease. TAEUS is committed to adapting to stay relevant in the changing marketplace.

At TAEUS, we have been Taking Apart Everything Under the Sun for over a quarter of a century. TAEUS is a world-renowned intellectual property service provider. Our services encompass nearly all aspects of intellectual property, including: custom software/hardware reverse engineering, black box testing, claim charts, portfolio mining, patent evaluations, etc. No matter the task, TAEUS has been there to help people make money from their patents. While other companies offer similar services to TAEUS, they do not have the history and the associated deep-rooted knowledge of intellectual property that we do, which allows us to best serve our clients.

As the intellectual property marketplace continues to change, we are adapting to serve the needs of our customers. Our goal is to help people and to ultimately promote human progress through patents and innovation. Our core business remains the same as always, but we have since expanded our expertise into such areas as more efficient patent licensing, and trade secret discovery and documentation. Furthermore, our sister company, PatentBooks, Inc.™, is a way for patent owners to get fairly compensated for their patents while allowing the entire world access to their unique inventions and innovations.

With the birth of PatentBooks, Inc.™, inventions and innovation are encouraged now more than ever before. PatentBooks allows patent owners to publish their patents into a PatentBook and get fairly compensated based on the quality/frequency of use of their patent. Patent quality is determined using the TAEUSworks™ evaluation methodology, which focuses on the technical, legal, and financial merits of a patent; a system which has become the gold standard by which a patent is evaluated. TAEUS leverages the experts that are necessary in properly deploying TAEUSworks™, which allows PatentBooks, TAEUSworks™, and TAEUS to come together beautifully to make patent licensing more efficient than it has ever been before.

The world is constantly changing. Marketplaces are constantly changing. Our client’s business needs are constantly changing. It is important to adapt and grow with these changes in order to stay relevant in today’s world. TAEUS and PatentBooks have evolved and adapted so that we can meet the needs of the world, and we hope you join us as we revolutionize patent licensing.

Written By: Anastasia Nutter