Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering has become a common and necessary aspect of assertive licensing, patent litigation, and competitive intelligence. Quality evidence is central to any reverse engineering effort; in both licensing and litigation, comprehensive and compelling engineering evidence greatly increases the chances of success.

Discovering Infringement

The battle for market share is fiercely competitive; any intellectual property infringement can diminish one’s competitive edge. Discovering infringement quickly and efficiently is vital in order to stop the proverbial bleeding when a competitor is winning potential contracts away. The reverse engineering services offered by TAEUS provide an effective, targeted way to discover infringement and collect compelling evidence. Rather than provide a “one size fits all” solution, reverse engineering at TAEUS is unique; we research and analyze the project from a goal-oriented standpoint, dissecting the patents or standards our customers provide in order to understand the minutiae of a project before we begin any reverse engineering. By becoming intimately familiar with the claims and determining the most crucial pieces of evidence that must be gathered, TAEUS can propose the most cost-effective, comprehensive approach to discovering infringement within a product. Once the data have been gathered, our team assembles the data into the strongest, most convincing format possible, delivering a custom-tailored report detailing the results of our investigation.

Our Expertise

With well over 100 combined years of experience in high technology and intellectual property fields, the core team at TAEUS is suited to tackle any problem. Whether your interest is electronics hardware (to include integrated circuits (ICs), printed circuit boards (PCBs), and more unique products like touchscreen displays), software features, or something more esoteric, you can trust your reverse engineering requests to TAEUS, where we promise that we can Tear Apart Everything Under the Sun and provide precisely the data you need. From simple briefings to full color-coded claim charts, a TAEUS report is one that you can present with confidence.

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