Portfolio Management

patent-portfolio-management Intellectual assets help determine the value of many companies. Companies must make effective use of their intellectual property (IP) assets. Executives and senior IP professionals in companies of all sizes across various industries must substantiate the value and operations of their IP departments or risk budget cuts, staff reductions, or worse.

Managing and monetizing IP portfolios require a proactive approach – specifically, the costs associated with maintaining an effective portfolio while generating new income streams from monetization programs. However, these steps can be a daunting challenge for IP and legal departments, as many have historically operated as cost centers. However, many organizations don’t have time, expertise, or bandwitch to efficiently execute such programs. While larger, more IP-savvy organizations may be equipped with in-house resources, they may find they require validation by objective third-party entities.

We provide an array of services to help understand, manage, organize, and execute effective strategies for your IP, including:

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