PatentBooks, Inc. Roundtable Press Release

For Immediate Release

June 4, 2018

Colorado Springs, Colorado


PatentBooks Inc. ( is pleased to announce an invitation-only Early Adopter Roundtable for the Geolocation & Autonomy PatentBook occurring on-line June 14, 2018 @ 0800 Mountain Daylight Time (MDT=GMT-7), 10 AM EDT.


The Early Adopter Roundtable invitation is extended to the world’s top companies that own US patents and/or are developing autonomous vehicles products and services to encourage open communication among all to get comfortable with the radically different nature of the Geolocation & Autonomy PatentBook. PatentBooks is currently engaged in conversation with many leading global corporations, including Caterpillar, AT&T, Sony, Intel and others regarding their participation in the Geolocation & Autonomy PatentBook.


PatentBooks Inc. transparently democratizes patent licensing, liberating innovation, to enable more robust, exciting products & services can get to consumers more rapidly.


Unlike patent pools that cost thousands of dollars just to join, that license 100-200 patents essential to a technology specification, and divide income uniformly, the Geolocation & Autonomy PatentBook is free to join, licenses 25,000-50,000 patents within a technical area, and divides income by good, better, and best patent quality.


Currently, a staggering 97% of issued patents fail to generate any revenue. All patent owners can publish their patent with one-click online and retain complete ownership of their patents. PatentBooks ensures every published patent earns income. Patents evaluated by an advanced metric system receive a tiered distribution, providing significant income to the patent owner, without the risk, expense, or distraction of patent litigation and licensing. PatentBooks Publishers receive quality-based licensing income from an entire industry, not just individual licensees.


PatentBooks greatly diminishes and potentially eliminates soaring patent litigation costs, often exceeding $10 million per case, increasing corporate profits, and enabling other investment and resource allocation options. PatentBooks Subscribers save hundreds of millions of dollars over similar conventional transaction methods.


PatentBooks create a virtuous cycle of innovation by offering patent users a massive patent license, rewarding patent owners for others’ use of their patents, and continuously serves the needs of consumers around the world, improving their lives with more robust products and services, delivered to them more expeditiously. PatentBooks, based on inclusion, fairness, transparency, and peace, disrupts patent licensing forever via innovation.


The objective of the inaugural PatentBooks Early Adopter Roundtable is to engage and discuss PatentBooks, and introduce the significant benefits for early adopters agreeing to publish and/or subscribe to the PatentBooks.


PatentBooks is proud to announce that decision-makers from Caterpillar, Qualcomm, and most of the Global 100 in autonomous vehicles will discuss from a global corporation’s perspective, the details of the compelling proposition that the Geolocation & Autonomy PatentBook offers at the Early Adopter Roundtable on June 14th.


To attend the PatentBooks Early Adopter On-Line Roundtable @ 0800MDT (GMT-7) on June 14th, please contact Solange Nutter (solange(dot)nutter(at)patentbooksinc(dot)com) for your personal invitation.



For more information, please contact:

Solange Nutter


Colorado Springs,Colorado 80918