Patent Valuation

diving_deep Understanding the true value of a given piece of intellectual property (IP) requires a certain level of expertise. Assigning a dollar amount to an intangible, abstract concept is not intuitive; furthermore, the rapidly changing state of technology ensures a certain level of volatility that can further confound a patent or IP assessment. Most importantly, it can be difficult to remain objective about an invention’s value with development costs – both in dollars and in man-hours – glaringly obvious on your balance sheet. To help navigate the ever-changing IP market, TAEUS offers expert patent valuation services for your high technology intellectual property.

Patent License and Intellectual Property Valuation Analysis 

Our intellectual property valuation prowess has been repeatedly vetted and found to be outstanding by major corporations and patent auctions. We will examine your patent in the context of your entire intellectual property portfolio to identify synergy; in many cases, a handful of closely related patents offered as a package can be far more valuable than each of the patents individually. We augment this data with prior art searches and technology reviews to determine the legal strength of the patent, or whether “blocking” patents exist that might diminish your invention’s value.

We have performed accurate valuations for some of the world’s leading innovators. Do you know the true value of your patents?

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