Patent Portfolio Mining

At its core, an intellectual property management plan has a lot in common with any business plan – it provides a roadmap that, ultimately, should lead to a successful business venture. Do you need leveraging in upcoming license negotiations? Should you acquire patents to shore up your total areas of protection? Maybe your portfolio has become so extensive that it has become hard to tell where the true value within it lies.

Over the last thirty years, we have refined our portfolio mining process to deliver accurate and actionable information that can help sort, prioritize, and leverage your portfolio in any competitive
environment. We identify which business areas are the most active and profitable in your market, allowing us to easily identify which patents in your portfolio are most relevant and impactful to their technology spaces. Armed with this information, we can evaluate your key patents, prepare claim charts against competitive products, or suggest areas of potential vulnerability and growth.

We have performed this process of research, mining, evaluation, and action for some of the largest technology companies in the world, helping them to re-negotiate licenses, shore up technology areas, and expand into new areas of business.

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