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At-Home Blood Pregnancy Test Kit

US 9,964,550 B2


An at-home blood pregnancy test kit that can identify the presence of hCG in a blood sample to detect pregnancy in female mammals. The present kit includes a housing having a sample strip that is in fluid communication with a sample pad for holding a blood sample, a test pad, and a conjugate pad. The housing further includes a test window and a push-button for releasing a reagent that can react with hCG. The reagent and the test pad include antibodies that can bind with hCG antigens to detect the presence of the same. The test window is adapted to display a symbol that indicates a negative pregnancy test result in the absence of hCG, or display a symbol that indicates a positive pregnancy test result in the presence of hCG.

Handheld Irrigation and Suction Tool

US 10,220,123 B2


An irrigation tool that includes a handle configured for grasping by a hand of a user of the tool having a handgrip displaceable using the hand in a manner that selectively controls the rate of flow of irrigation fluid discharged from the tool. The handgrip includes a compressible chamber mounted to the handle via at least one fluid coupling with the chamber compressible by manually squeezing the handgrip to discharge irrigation fluid. The chamber can be provided by a bulb in operable cooperation with a fluid coupling that provides an irrigation fluid flow-modulating control valve arrangement responsive to the magnitude and rate of applied squeezing force. The tool can include an aspirator having a suction passage integrally formed in the handle with a suction control valve operable using the same hand used to control irrigation fluid flow producing a hand-held hand operated combination irrigation and suction tool.

Combination Suction and Irrigation Tool

US 10,286,141 B2


An irrigation fluid dispensing tool well suited for use in a combination suction and irrigation tool has a frame carrying a surge flow pump formed of a flow controller of a manipulable handgrip of the tool handle, compressible irrigation fluid reservoir, and frame where the flow controller preferably is formed of a handle lever of the handgrip that is displaceable, preferably pivotable, between one or more of a surge flow actuation position, flow obstructing actuation position, and flow initiating position. The lever actuates a valve, preferably a pinch valve, when displaced toward the flow obstructing actuation position. The lever actuates the surge pump by compressing the reservoir, preferably squeeze bulb, against the frame when the handgrip is squeezed. The lever can be assembled to the frame in a protective shipping and storage position and is movable to a tool operating position providing irrigation fluid flow control during tool operation.

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