Patent Brokering

The technologies and processes your company develops are intrinsically tied to your company’s value. Intellectual property is the cornerstone of any successful venture; it is therefore important to insure that your IP portfolio is grown and leveraged as effectively as possible, in order to maximize its value and thereby strengthen the foundation upon which you build your success.

Patent Brokers

Calling upon the expertise of a patent broker is one of the most effective ways to monetize existing IP and expand by acquiring new IP to facilitate market growth by bringing better, more advanced products to market. Patent brokering is, at its core, the act of matching buyers and sellers of IP, facilitating the transfer of assets between interested parties; however, the process is much more involved than, for example, a real estate transaction.


Maintaining confidentiality and anonymity so that precarious strategic market positions are not jeopardized, identifying which IPs are truly valuable and which are perhaps best left to expire, and offering expert insight into the IP market to determine which properties are a best fit for a given portfolio are all fundamental aspects of patent brokering.

Some patent brokerage firms offer service that is closely synonymous with a realtor’s sign in the front yard of a house for sale: broadcasting limited information to any buyers who might stumble upon it, with very limited marketing support for the seller. With this limited approach, neither sellers nor buyers are receiving the support that they need to be successful; the TAEUS approach to patent brokering, on the other hand, ensures maximum value for all parties.


making-a-dealAt TAEUS, patent brokering means much more than facilitating the exchange of IP assets; we work to develop extensive understanding of your IP as well as IP that might propel your company to greater heights. Using a qualified network of business contacts and subject matter experts, as well as innovative tools and processes, we can quickly and accurately assess market value of key properties and generate a comprehensive picture of the intellectual property market in your technology space. Our approach to patent brokering through in-depth analysis allows us to identify prospective buyers with the means and motivation to augment their portfolio with your IP so that any marketing you perform can be narrowly targeted and tailored; additionally, we can help determine which patents on the market are best suited to bolster your own IP portfolio.

Whether you are seeking to sell your latest, revolutionary invention or to acquire rights to a key process or technology that will allow you to dominate your target market, TAEUS’s experience, methodical analysis, and extensive network will ensure the best possible results. Regardless how extensive your need may be, you can trust your success in IP to TAEUS.

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