Licensing Services

Patent Business Decision Intellectual property licensing is one of the most crucial income drivers among inventors and high-tech companies. A strong licensing agreement can increase the value of your intellectual property – not only as a result of immediately recognized revenue, but by increasing the apparent worth of your IP for future sale. Similarly, licensing a key patent or set of patents can open a wealth of opportunities for you to improve your products and capture greater market share. Finding and securing the optimal licensing deal is not a straightforward task; beyond simply finding the right licensee or property to license, there are countless legal concerns that must be considered.

Patent Licensing Transactions

At TAEUS, our firm is perfectly situated to help you navigate the perils of patent licensing transactions. Our network of contacts and exposure to many different technologies by way of our patent landscape analysis projects ensure that we can help you find the best possible fit for your intellectual property. Should you be searching out a potential licensee, we will leverage our contacts to connect you with qualified, motivated buyers; conversely, our team of technical experts and engineers can work with you to identify the most beneficial patents for your portfolio, and act as an intermediary between yourself and the patent holder.

Competitive Intelligence and Market Analysis

Once the potential deal has been identified, TAEUS can help you make sure you get the most value possible from the transaction. With our extensive experience in IP valuation, we can help negotiate the best deal on your behalf, so that you come away from the transaction secure in the knowledge that you’ve gotten a fair market price for the technology in question. We back our appraisals with extensive technical competitive intelligence and market analysis; historically, our valuations track very closely with actual sale prices of patents and portfolios at auction, so you can rest comfortably knowing that our assessment is one of the most accurate you can find. Once you’ve decided on an investment, TAEUS will continue to help facilitate the patent licensing transaction, ensuring that your deal doesn’t get bogged down in a quagmire of legal issues.

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