Hungry For Change, but Tried and True

In an industry that is hungry for change over the gradual erosion of the strength of the patent system over the last several years, we at TAEUS have weathered it all. For 25 years the TAEUS team has grown from the first-ever reverse engineering firm focused on IP, to a global force in IP licensing, strategic portfolio management and litigation support. We have seen the major shifts in judicial and regulatory winds, especially in the last 6-7 years with the advent of AIA and the PTAB, and while this seems to mark a notable downturn in American innovation, the need for our services has grown. TAEUS does not want to see a system bogged down in costly litigation and arguments, but nevertheless, that is the paradigm we find ourselves in. From investigating the possible hardware infringement of TV set-top boxes by a major corporation to facilitating old school patent licensing transactions, TAEUS serves, and will continue to serve, all needs in the IP world.