Global Footprint

TAEUS opened TAEUS Europe, Ltd., its first international subsidiary, in 1996 in London, investigating Microsoft for antitrust on behalf of the European Commission, illustrating how the instructions Microsoft provided to users did not reflect how the Windows® operating system and Internet Explorer® actually worked. The European Commission’s €9M contract with TAEUS Europe, Ltd. yielded a €1B fine levied against Microsoft. Interestingly, Microsoft executive management was so impressed by the TAEUS analysis that they asked TAEUS to work for them.

TAEUS Japan K.K. was established in Tokyo, Japan in 2006 to better serve TAEUS clients located in Japan and Korea.

The patent licensing world, however, changed. The 2006 “America Invents Act” attempted to improve patent licensing transactions, but failed miserably, ultimately diminishing the value of US patents.  Patent licensing requires commercial, not governmental, solutions.  Through God-given insights into efficient, coherent patent transactions, TAEUS began to socialize its PatentBooks patent licensing method, beginning at a Licensing Executives Society International meeting in 2011 in Singapore. PatentBooks was an immediate hit!

TAEUS Asia Pacific was established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2014 to serve clients in Singapore, the Philippines, India, Taiwan, and all of southeast Asia.

TAEUS Latinoamérica was established in 2019 in Bogota, Colombia to serve South America.

As a result of the UK leaving the European Union, TAEUS Continental, Ltd. was set up in 2020 in Cork, Ireland.

Our corporate headquarters remains in the heart of the United States in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  

TAEUS and PatentBooks core objective remains the same: to help patent owners make money from their patents.

The TAEUS team has been blessed to now offer not only TAEUS services supporting conventional patent licensing, but to now also offer PatentBooks, the world’s most efficient patent licensing solution.

Throughout our rich 30-year history, TAEUS has worked internationally to meet the rising global need for assertion, defense, management, and monetization of intellectual property.  

TAEUS understands the need for dedicated professionals throughout the world who speak local languages, know local laws and regulations, and are proficient in regional procurement. With our global footprint, 30-year history, and reputation for excellence, TAEUS not only has access to, but employs the very best experts in the world who are committed to solving your unique problems and serving your individual needs.