Expert Witnesses

Gathering evidence and assembling data is only part of preparing for any patent litigation case; to ensure a successful outcome, the data must be presented in such a way that removes all doubt.

Selecting the proper expert witness – someone intimately familiar with your technology space, who can present any findings from a position of obvious authority – can be equally important in building an airtight IP litigation case.

A quick internet search might generate an extensive list of self-proclaimed “experts” in your field, with a wide range of different qualifications. Due to the increased frequency of patent litigation as a result of market pressures and non-practicing entities, there is an ever-growing number of available experts advertising their services online. Selecting one of these expert witnesses randomly from the increasing ranks of SMEs may be more of a liability than a boon; one poorly handled deposition can spell disaster for your case. Vetting experts to determine their credentials, the breadth and depth of their understanding of your technology, and their ability to effectively communicate the complex ideas involved in your IP case is a time-consuming process; fortunately, TAEUS can do much of this legwork for you.

TAEUS keeps a comprehensive database of testifying experts that is second-to-none, which is especially important if you have a strict deadline. We carefully screen any expert witnesses that we endorse to ensure that their participation in your case is as effective as possible. Many of the experts in our database have worked with us extensively on prior reverse engineering projects. Our lengthy history with these experts allows us to work as a cohesive unit, collaborating to provide a more effective product than either party would be able to assemble alone. By augmenting their in-depth knowledge and authority with the comprehensive dataset generated through reverse engineering and competitive analysis, the experts we work with can be a force to be reckoned with and can provide an unquestionably strong benefit to any patent litigation.

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