Evidence of Use and Infringement

Protracted litigation is a pronounced financial burden, leeching money away with no promise of return on invested capital. With the stakes so high, securing the data and evidence needed to clinch a successful outcome for any infringement litigation is of the utmost importance.

At TAEUS, we have thirty years of supporting IP litigation. With our help, small businesses have expertly pursued litigation and proven damages; in other cases, such businesses were able to successfully defend against assertions of infringement with the evidence we prepared.

One of the fundamental building blocks of our IP infringement litigation experience at TAEUS is our history of innovative reverse engineering expertise. Our comprehensive knowledge of the technologies in question, combined with our intimate relationship with law firms involved, allows us to determine the evidence necessary to begin building an airtight case. By diving into the most fundamental aspects of a product or patent claim – the construction of a transistor on an integrated circuit, or a few lines of code – we gather the type of data powerful enough to change the course of a trial, proving or refuting the existence of infringement. We compile all the evidence we gather into a custom-tailored report, designed specifically to make the data accessible and obvious to any judge or jury. Our reports run the range from highly detailed claim charts to graphical evidence-of-use. We can provide the smoking gun for any assertion of infringement.

Regardless of your current situation – whether you are currently pursuing damages, defending from allegations of IP infringement, or simply unsure of your position in a roiling sea of potential lawsuits – the IP litigation support services offered here at TAEUS can add significant value to your organization. Your intellectual property is, after all, part of the lifeblood of your organization, and should be ardently safeguarded with the help of our leading IP experts

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