COVID-19 Effects on TAEUS

The entire world, including TAEUS, was affected by the onset of COVID-19 in various ways that differ from one company to another.

Many companies had to adapt to working remotely. TAEUS has been working remotely as a specialized team since its founding in 1992! This advantage allowed TAEUS to continue working while other companies had to endure this additional opportunity cost.

As other companies began working remotely, this allowed us to have more virtual face-to-face meetings. This saved TAEUS money to use in other avenues. However, the pandemic did result in the lack of real-time face-to-face meetings due to travel restrictions and some slow-down in business transactions. A positive outcome was that the slowdown allowed TAEUS to rebuild infrastructure after TAEUS exited Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February 2020 to focus more of our efforts on launching PatentBooks™.

With the pandemic in the forefront of our minds, PatentBooks decided to launch the Infectious Disease PatentBook™. The pandemic has made a lasting impact on the world and so people have studied and researched ways to prevent and treat further diseases in the future. Through this research, infectious disease patents have been created to develop treatments. The Infectious Disease PatentBook allows patent owners (Publishers) to receive compensation for their patents, and patent users (Subscribers) can easily license the patents they are looking to use to further treat various infectious diseases.