Chairman's Letter

Thank you for considering PatentBooks as the stress-free and economical way to license patents. My career in intellectual property has blessed me with the opportunity to travel and meet many talented, honest people around the world. God distributed great talents to people of all nationalities and economic strata! These talented people universally agree that we all benefit when we work together.

Since a patent is a compact between society and an inventor that allows complete public access to the inventor’s solution to a problem, good patents can and should be incorporated quickly and easily. National patent files are a fabulous reservoir of solutions that continue to be combined to create great products. It has been my experience that the millions of inventors who opened their inventions to the world via a patent just want to be recognized and compensated for the use of their inventions. I have also found that most people are honest and are willing to pay for the use of patented inventions. Patent owners and product makers alike demand three things lacking in today’s patent industry:

  • An easy process for registering and licensing patents
  • Fair compensation
  • Uniform pricing

We believe PatentBooks meets all these requirements. Cooperation is required to succeed.

Imagine how excited designers will be to incorporate new ideas into manufactured products if the licensing path for all the patents that might be used in a product is as simple as a web click in a company’s final production process. Think about how much more executive creativity, focus and productivity will occur if leadership was no longer distracted and their companies bled by patent litigation. Think about how much more innovation will take place when inventors routinely receive royalty checks in the mail from the use of their inventions without having to sue someone to get paid.

Economic forecasters predict that we are on the verge of the greatest global economic and societal expansion in the history of the world. We, as custodians of intellectual property and the global means of economic production, have a profound responsibility to ensure we enable, rather than hinder, this expansion.

The current methodologies for patent licensing are not sustainable, yet the demand for access to new ideas remains insatiable. Patent pools were a huge step in the right direction of licensing efficiency. PatentBooks improves on patent pools by including vastly more patents while offering a much more rational method for revenue distribution to patent owners.

Working together, the PatentBooks commercial patent licensing solution will alleviate the great pain experienced today by both inventors and product manufacturers. Thank you for your interest.

Art Nutter
Chairman and CEO
PatentBooks Inc.