Why You Should Subscribe to a PatentBook

Benefits for Patent Users (Subscribers)

Imagine “plugging in” to a single patent licensing source that would provide transparent, predictable access to the IP you need to get your product to market—with no threat of expensive, draining and distracting lawsuits. That revolutionary solution is here. As a PatentBooks subscriber, you will realize the following benefits:

The Freedom to Operate: Easily managing and paying for your patent usage means you can focus on your core business, growing your enterprise, and getting great new products to market.

Pay a Fair Price for Patent Licensing: Control costs and launch products faster knowing that every patent you need to make a product has been evaluated, tiered and is paid out via a fair and transparent system. Instead of the royalty-stacking effect of many bilateral licenses with different royalty rates and terms, PatentBooks has a single economical royalty rate determined solely by PBI from a comprehensive assessment of royalty rates for similar products and other technical, product, and market factors.

Take the Mystery Out of Patent Value: Our patent evaluation process is backed by a 23-year pedigree of technically and legally advanced IP defense and consulting that earned us the title of “The Moody’s of IP” from the Wall Street Journal. You can design, build and market your next product with confidence, knowing that all patents you have licensed are fairly and transparently valued.

One-Stop-Shop Licensing: Broad patent licenses may be attained in a single PatentBook transaction. The subscriber does not need to constantly evaluate the validity or enforceability of each patent as new ones issue. The vast spectrum of product-related technological improvements available via PatentBooks is already fully licensed, and thus may be incorporated into a product by a manufacturer at no additional cost or risk.

Get Out of the Courtroom and into the Marketplace: Nobody every innovated in a courtroom. PatentBooks offers a faster path to profitable products by engineering the lawsuit out of the patent licensing process.

Automatic Updates: PatentBooks is dynamic. New, high quality patents published to PatentBooks may displace others in the top tiers as products and patents evolve.

Certification: Sales channels, especially large retailers, are intolerant of supply disruptions caused by IP matters such as infringement litigation or embargoes imposed by the International Trade Commission. PatentBooks Subscribers will be able to certify their status as a licensee to their channels.

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