About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

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Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, PatentBooks is a market-driven solution that radically simplifies patent licensing, promising patent owners a transparent, fair way to profit from their inventions and product makers a simpler path to creating new products and opening new markets—while keeping both sides out of the courtroom. Our mission is to revolutionize the patent licensing process and create a more productive global economy.

“Excellent idea, and an area ripe for disruption.  Believe the team has the ability to bring an excellent product to market.”
– Startmeup.HK Venture Program

Publish and subscribe, then create and profit

PatentBooks has two key elements—a patent evaluation system and an online, one-click patent licensing process that aggregates, evaluates and tiers all patents relevant to a specific product for one-click licensing—LCD displays, for example.

The evaluation system grows from the 23-year pedigree of PatentBooks’ parent company, TAEUSworks™, which The Wall Street Journal called the  “Moody’s® of IP” because of its accuracy, transparency, and repeatability. The one-click licensing process of PatentBooks is referred to as the “iTunes® of patent licensing” because of its simplicity. These two elements comprise a timely solution to a traditional innovation barrier that promises the next global growth enabler for innovators and product makers across the world.