About Us

Intellectual Property Solutions

Strong intellectual property operations are central to your company’s success. No matter what kind of service or product your company provides, you are creating and using intellectual property in your daily operations. The innovations that make your business run are what make your business unique, and they are a significant part of your business value. These innovations need to be protected as surely as your physical wealth and property.

The modern professional has an array of tools at his disposal, most of which are well known and understood: portfolio mining, prior art research, technical investigations, IP brokering and licensing. The list of available strategies becomes a chant in modern business, so how are you to choose which of these options best suits not only your short-term strategy, but your overall business goals?


For nearly thirty years, TAEUS has been supplying all of these services and more. We supply IP analysis, defense, litigation support, and brokering services that have made us established experts in these fields. We are not, however, content to obey the status quo. We continue to create groundbreaking business processes aimed at changing the face of intellectual property.

We believe in creating an environment in which IP professionals can work together to foster innovation and creativity. As such, we have created methods for patent evaluation, patent sales, data analysis, brand protection, and patent licensing that make it easier to do business secure in the knowledge that your IP is not only safe, but is also working for you.

Providing Insight

As always, the core of our unique strength lies in our vast wealth of technical and engineering experience. For nearly three decades, we have led the industry in applying engineering principles to patents, and helping our clients make business decisions based on this knowledge. Our ability to understand the unique nature of a patent and how to precisely identify the simplest way of demonstrating its use within a myriad of devices has made our technical expertise a sought-after commodity in the industry.

Our expert patent reviews provide a thorough understanding of the merits and limitations of every patent in a portfolio. We assist companies with identifying and executing licensing, litigation, and sales of their IP assets to increase revenue or generate a new income stream.

Our patent brokering methods have created a new standard of presentation and market exposure that professionals expect when considering purchasing IP. We analyze patent strength and market impact prior to preparing a patent for sale, and present each offering with evidence-of-use information or comprehensive claim chart analysis. This information allows buyers to make informed decisions, and gives sellers confidence in the strength of their technology.

Creating the Future

TAEUS has been involved in every imaginable IP business scenario. Through that experience, we have found ways to make life easier for our clients, and help create a more efficient future for the intellectual property community. We developed the first and most comprehensive method of contextually analyzing patents from a business perspective. Our TAEUSworks Patent Evaluations have been used to predict the price of patents at auction, judge the strength of patents in litigation, and as an assessment for how patents should be written in the future.

We have also pioneered the concept of PatentBooks, which facilitates cost-effective patent licenses between patent holders and manufacturers by aggregating patents pertinent to a product, offering manufacturers a single price to license all the aggregated patents, and distributing the licensing income to patent owners relative to the quality of their aggregated patents.