Achieve Maximum Value From Your Intellectual Property

Assert your Intellectual Property

We help you achieve greater success from your assertive licensing whether it means increased licensing revenue, or increased success in litigation.

Defend your Intellectual Property

We help you develop defense scenarios and advise you on ways to secure your company's assets.

Manage your Intellectual Property

We analyze your patent portfolio from a technical, economic, and legal perspective. Our combination of patent evaluation, landscape analysis, and licensing expertise can help maximize your IP portfolio performance.

Monetize your Intellectual Property

We offer comprehensive consulting and analysis to help you establish a firm grasp on your existing assets, as well as help refine licensing and R&D strategies to get the maximum return on your monetization efforts.

Who is TAEUS?

TAEUS has over thirty years of experience helping companies defend, assert, manage, and monetize intellectual property. We are an innovative team of IP professionals who use our unique technical expertise to help companies maintain successful IP strategies, and use our vision of an efficient licensing world to craft new solutions.

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One Click Licensing


PatentBooks is a market-driven solution that radically simplifies patent licensing. TAEUS is the preferred provider of patent evaluations for PatentBooks. Click here to learn more.

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Members of the TAEUS team write a number of blog posts to discuss our methods, observations, and services within the industry. Click here to read what we have to say. 

Freedom to Invent


Innovation is the key to an organization’s strength and growth. TAEUS provides solutions to help you freely invent and expand, and has decades of experience helping companies protect their assets.

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