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Celebrating 25 Years of Business

Twenty-five years ago, Art and Katheleen Nutter decided to take a leap of faith to turn a dream into reality and create TAEUS.  Since then, TAEUS has developed into an intellectual property industry leader, providing world class services to help companies realize the value of their IP, use that IP to obtain competitive business advantages in the market, and acquire additional IP to prepare for future market growth. 

Join us in celebrating our silver anniversary, twenty-five years, of ‘Taking Apart Everything Under the Sun’ by allowing us to discover which patents of yours are most likely to be used by a competitor for $25k in 25 days. 

TAEUS did this for IBM versus the world over three years from 1994-1997 by reading every single US patent assigned to IBM, helping IBM launch their world-renowned IP licensing program. 
TAEUS discovered and prepared 32 claim charts in 30 days for a major US high tech company in 2011 for a fraction of the cost of the IBM work.
Let us show you your next patent licensing opportunities.
*Promotion valid for portfolios of up to 60,000 patents versus a single target company, includes patent vs. product combinations and explanations only. Claim charts available for additional cost. Projects commence under NDA and after clearing conflicts.

IP Portfolio Management

We provide an array of services to help understand, manage, organize, and execute effective strategies for your IP.

IP Litigation Services

We have represented major companies in groundbreaking litigation and helped even the smallest company expertly pursue or defend against litigation.

Patent Brokering

We can identify prospective buyers for your technology and help you create a clear and compelling marketing package to present your offer to buyers.

Who is TAEUS?

TAEUS has over twenty five years of experience helping companies defend, assert, manage, and monetize intellectual property. We are an innovative team of IP professionals who use our unique technical expertise to help companies maintain successful IP strategies, and use our vision of an efficient licensing world to craft new solutions.

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One Click Licensing


PatentBooks is a market-driven solution that radically simplifies patent licensing. TAEUS is the preferred provider of patent evaluations for PatentBooks. Click here to learn more.

Join Our Webinars

Learn More

TAEUS hosts a series of webinars to discuss our methods, observations, and services with the world. Click here to view recordings of these webinars.

Freedom to Invent


Innovation is the key to an organization’s strength and growth. TAEUS provides solutions to help you freely invent and expand, and has decades of experience helping companies protect their assets.

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